Win This Deerskin Pouch!

    I have decided to give away the “fancy” pouch I made for the deerskin pouch tutorial.  If you would like the chance to win this deerskin pouch, you … Continue Reading →

Steve's EcoVEgo

Ego Vs. Eco – Where Is Bushcraft?

This month I have been exploring the relationship between modern man and the natural world.   Native American Land Management I spent much of my time learning about Native American … Continue Reading →


How to Make a Deerskin Pouch – 5 Easy Steps!

Imagine using your own custom-made gear in the wilderness. Picture the excitement and satisfaction when you reach for equipment that you yourself have crafted. Distinctive gear is a way to … Continue Reading →


It’s Knot Funny!

Read about the worlds funniest knot and see the humorous music video…   In ancient times, the world was literally tied together with cordage.  Since then we have developed modern … Continue Reading →


Mobile Technology and our Wilderness Experience

    Look at the picture above.  Look closely. What do you see?  I see a man, a boat…  and a California Gray Whale!  If you see the whale, then … Continue Reading →


Earth – A New Wild

  People have irreparably changed our planet.  We inhabit every corner of the globe.  We literally move mountains and change the course of rivers.  With more than 7 billion people … Continue Reading →


Rare Red Fox Spotted in Yosemite National Park

    I received this Email Wednesday:   Yosemite National Park is excited to report the first confirmed sighting in the park of a rare Sierra Nevada red fox (Vulpes … Continue Reading →


Willow Bark – Using Ancient Aspirin

  Before there was medicine, there was “wilderness medicine”…   – Buck Tilton, Wilderness First Responder: How to Recognize, Treat, and Prevent Emergencies in the Backcountry, Globe Pequot, 2004   … Continue Reading →


Mysteries on the Beach (Part 2)

    In part 1, our intrepid group of trackers deciphered signs left by a Harbor seal that hauled-out on the beach for several hours.  As our group moves south, … Continue Reading →


See Sheep, Eat Sheep, Expense Sheep!

  For a few years I managed a software development team in Siberia. Yes, Siberia! I spent most of my time in California, but occasionally traveled to the office in … Continue Reading →