The Missing Arm of William Waddell

  I am helping with a fun Halloween event that you may want to attend. Each year around this time, Big Basin Redwoods State Park presents, The Missing Arm of William … Continue Reading →

Wolf Part 1 Slider

Wolves Teach a Master Class (Part 1)

    Human professors aren’t always the best.  Sometimes it takes an animal teacher. For many years I have wanted to learn how to track wolves.  I’ve hiked and backpacked … Continue Reading →

swing bridge

The Mystery of Invasive Species

  I hear a lot about invasive species in California, the state where I live.  These exotic species from faraway lands displace the natives and threaten to take over local … Continue Reading →

Turkey Vulture in flight. Photo by Lebite, Wikipedia.org

Turkey Vultures Smell

  A short article in BayNature caught my attention.  It talks about the controversy that existed surrounding the question:  Do turkey vultures locate their prey by sight or by smell? … Continue Reading →


Lembert Dome and Dog Lake

    Sometimes you Just Gotta’ Get Away After a long week at work, I was excited to get a few days off to go hiking.  My plan was to … Continue Reading →


John Rae – Has a Wrong been Righted?

    John Rae, the arctic explorer who found the last piece of the Northwest Passage is being honored with a plaque in Westminster Abbey.   A Good Man Unjustly … Continue Reading →


How to Make Orange Acorn Bread

    Good bread is the most fundamentally satisfying of all foods; good bread with fresh butter, the greatest of feasts! – James Beard   We gathered and stored our … Continue Reading →


Wilderness First Aid and the Duty of Care to Yourself

  Before there was medicine, there was “wilderness medicine”…   – Buck Tilton, Wilderness First Responder: How to Recognize, Treat, and Prevent Emergencies in the Backcountry, Globe Pequot, 2004   … Continue Reading →

Acorn Tops Slider

Turn Acorns into Spinning Tops in just 10 Minutes (Children’s Toys)

    Do you want to be a hit with your children?  To delight your grandson or granddaughter?  To be popular with the neighborhood kids?  Bushcraft can help you do … Continue Reading →


How to Make Acorns into Food (Part 3)

  We conclude our “Acorn Trilogy” by learning to use water and gravity to transform the bitter nutmeats into nutritious and filling food. In Part 1, we reviewed the steps … Continue Reading →