Wolves Teach a Master Class (Part 2)

    Wolf – just its name is charged with meaning.  Our ancient ancestors admired the wolf for its hunting prowess.  Our modern society reviles them for the same reason. … Continue Reading →


The Missing Arm of William Waddell

  I am helping with a fun Halloween event that you may want to attend. Each year around this time, Big Basin Redwoods State Park presents, The Missing Arm of William … Continue Reading →

Wolf Part 1 Slider

Wolves Teach a Master Class (Part 1)

    Human professors aren’t always the best.  Sometimes it takes an animal teacher. For many years I have wanted to learn how to track wolves.  I’ve hiked and backpacked … Continue Reading →

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The Mystery of Invasive Species

  I hear a lot about invasive species in California, the state where I live.  These exotic species from faraway lands displace the natives and threaten to take over local … Continue Reading →

Turkey Vulture in flight. Photo by Lebite, Wikipedia.org

Turkey Vultures Smell

  A short article in BayNature caught my attention.  It talks about the controversy that existed surrounding the question:  Do turkey vultures locate their prey by sight or by smell? … Continue Reading →


Lembert Dome and Dog Lake

    Sometimes you Just Gotta’ Get Away After a long week at work, I was excited to get a few days off to go hiking.  My plan was to … Continue Reading →


John Rae – Has a Wrong been Righted?

    John Rae, the arctic explorer who found the last piece of the Northwest Passage is being honored with a plaque in Westminster Abbey.   A Good Man Unjustly … Continue Reading →


How to Make Orange Acorn Bread

    Good bread is the most fundamentally satisfying of all foods; good bread with fresh butter, the greatest of feasts! – James Beard   We gathered and stored our … Continue Reading →


Wilderness First Aid and the Duty of Care to Yourself

  Before there was medicine, there was “wilderness medicine”…   – Buck Tilton, Wilderness First Responder: How to Recognize, Treat, and Prevent Emergencies in the Backcountry, Globe Pequot, 2004   … Continue Reading →

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Turn Acorns into Spinning Tops in just 10 Minutes (Children’s Toys)

    Do you want to be a hit with your children?  To delight your grandson or granddaughter?  To be popular with the neighborhood kids?  Bushcraft can help you do … Continue Reading →