American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis)

Florida Officials Ban the Word ‘Alligator’

    Earlier this month, published reports disclosed that Florida officials banned the words “climate change” and “global warming” from all official discussions and publications.  Now comes another shocking revelation.  … Continue Reading →


Wildflowers of the Serpentine Realm

    Can millions of years of geology create wildflowers?  In California it can, and it does! California is geologically active.  Evidence is everywhere in Northern California.  There are mountains, … Continue Reading →

Arch Rock after collapse. (Photo by Sonoma County Sheriff's Office, Henry One helicopter)

Tragedy as Arch Rock Collapses – One Hiker Dies another Injured

    Arch Rock is breathtaking.  The sandstone formation juts into the pacific 70 feet above the crashing waves.  The trail spans a dramatic arch that hikers must cross to … Continue Reading →


The Tuibun of Coyote Hills (Part 2)

    In part 1, our group began to explore Tuibun Village.  We felt privileged to visit the site and to learn about the Tuibun Ohlone.  The Tuibun were one … Continue Reading →


The Winner of the Deerskin Pouch is…

  Congratulations to Elaine from Sunnyvale, California! Elaine won the deerskin pouch giveaway.  I hope you get many years of enjoyment from it, Elaine.   But wait, there’s more… If … Continue Reading →


The Tuibun of Coyote Hills (Part 1)

    Imagine going back in time 475 years.  It is the year 1540.  You are a Native Californian living along the coast of what is now called San Francisco … Continue Reading →


Product Review: Black Diamond Orbit LED Lantern

    It is a wonderful time to be a hiker, camper, or backpacker!  As technology rushes forward our wilderness gear advances with it.  Gone are the onerous external frame … Continue Reading →


Return of the Elephant Seal

  What animal is the size of a Chevy Suburban, weighs as much as two American football teams (offence and defense), and dives 2,000 feet below the ocean’s surface? Elephant … Continue Reading →


Have You Refreshed Your Kit?

    Do you have a first aid kit?  A car kit?  An earthquake/hurricane/blizzard kit? When is the last time you inspected it? An emergency kit is useless if it’s … Continue Reading →


Win This Deerskin Pouch!

    I have decided to give away the “fancy” pouch I made for the deerskin pouch tutorial.  If you would like the chance to win this deerskin pouch, you … Continue Reading →