Mysteries on the Beach (Part 2)

    In part 1, our intrepid group of trackers deciphered signs left by a Harbor seal that hauled-out on the beach for several hours.  As our group moves south, … Continue Reading →


See Sheep, Eat Sheep, Expense Sheep!

  For a few years I managed a software development team in Siberia. Yes, Siberia! I spent most of my time in California, but occasionally traveled to the office in … Continue Reading →


Mysteries on the Beach (Part 1)

    For some, Sundays are about watching football.  They plant themselves on the couch in front of the TV with a bowl of salty snacks; Cheering their favorite team while munching … Continue Reading →


Off the Map Adventure – The Sandstone Caves

    An obscure mark on a hundred-year-old map leads to an off-trail adventure… I want to share an adventure with you.  It starts with my friend, Kurt.  I first … Continue Reading →


New World’s Tallest Tree?

    Where I live, Redwoods reign supreme. The ancient giants eclipse the sun, keeping the forests below in perpetual shade.  For more than 200 million years they have loomed … Continue Reading →

View from Arch Rock

2014 Retrospective

  Welcome to 2015! A blank calendar is full of possibilities!  Do you have any big plans for 2015?  Have you made any resolutions?  Set any goals? For 2015, I … Continue Reading →

The bark is used to place the ember into your tinder bundle. Then, blow the bundle into flame.

Holiday Fire by Friction

    Just before the holidays I attended a bird sit at a community supported farm.  Afterwards was a pot-luck dinner and lecture by author Jon Young.  Jon’s book, What the Robin … Continue Reading →


To See More Wildlife, Learn Bird Language

    Collision Course The deer came crashing through the underbrush heading straight for me.  I was rooted in place not by fear; I just didn’t know what else to do. … Continue Reading →


An Air Disaster and Historical Hike

  British Commonwealth Pacific Airlines Flight 304 departed Honolulu bound for San Francisco.  It was October 28, 1953.  And as the DC-6 climbed into the night it immediately encountered problems. … Continue Reading →


Where do Birds go When it Rains?

  After three years of severe drought, Mother Nature seems to be making up for it all in one go.  The prolonged heavy rain raises the question:  Where do birds … Continue Reading →