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Sh*t Birders Say (Video-Humor)

bird asking for privacy

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There are as many things to do in the woods as there are ways to laugh at yourself. 

There are birders, botanists, and mycologists.  Carvers, trackers, and herbalists.  Fishermen and basket weavers, herbalists and animal trackers.  Entomologists  and even lichenologists (yes there really is such a thing!).

Bushcraft touches all these disciplines.  And if you are curious about nature, you will eventually bump into one of these subgroups.  Each has its own enthusiasm and jargon to describe it.  And all have their idiosyncrasies. 

My friends and I would jokingly debate the foibles of various interest groups:  Who walks slower a botanist or entomologist?  Can a geologist talk for so long that he fossilizes?


You Just Gotta Laugh

What you’ll discover is that many of these groups have a terrific self-referential humor.  They know their interests set them apart and they’re willing to laugh at themselves. 

Below is a funny video about birders from director and producer Jason Kessler.  I found this funny birding video through Audubon California

To help understand the video, a “dip” is to miss seeing a bird you are looking for, or to travel in an attempt to see a previously reported rare bird and fail to see it.  Sibley’s and Peterson’s refer to popular field guides for birders.

It helps if you’re familiar with birders.  But even if you aren’t, I hope you enjoy the video.



Can you think of some bushcraft terms that outsiders would think are strange?


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