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California State Parks License Plate Now Available



There’s a fun new way to support your favorite state park.  California just announced the new California State Parks license plate.  Fees from sales of the plate go to preserve and restore California’s state parks.


How much do they Cost?

The minimum cost is $50.00 initially, and an annual renewal fee of $40.

Sequential Plate

If you want to order a plate with a sequential (randomly assigned) number, it will initially cost $50.00.  There is an annual renewal fee of $40.

Conversion of Personalized Plates

You can convert your current personalized plates to the new California State Parks license plate.  The initial fee is $98 and the annual renewal fee is $78.

New Personalized Plates

To order a new personalized California State Parks license plate, the initial cost is $98 and the annual renewal fee is $78.


How are the fees used?

From the State Parks website:

After deducting for first time plate orders, an administrative service fee ($29.75 for Sequential, $19.87 for personalized), the Department of Motor Vehicles will forward a portion of the Specialized Plate fees to California State Parks. This funding will be used for restoration and preservation at 280 California State Parks. Upon annual renewal the entire fee ($40 for either sequential or personalized) goes to the Parks and Recreation specialized plate fund.


How can I order a California State Parks license plate?

The ParksPLATE website has instructions and an on-line application to order and pre-pay your license plate fee.  Click on the button below to visit the ParksPLATE site.


button for ParksPLATE website

Click on the image to visit the ParksPLATE website


Can you personalize the license plate?



How can you find out if a personalized plate is available?

The California State Parks license plate will let you select up to seven characters.

Follow the instructions on this page of the Department of Motor Vehicles website as though you are making an order.  It will tell you if the letter-number combination is currently available.  But do not place the actual order!  You must place your order for the California State Parks Specialized License Plate using the link I gave earlier.  This is a temporary situation until the first 7,500 plates are sold.

Unfortunately, California State Parks is unable to reserve personalized plates text.  If the letter-number combination you choose is no longer available when the ParksPLATE is issued, they will offer you a full refund or alternate plate text.


If you already have personalized plates, can you keep them with the California State Parks license plate?



Now, The Catch…

Before the plates can be produced, State Parks must have 7,500 pre-paid applications within one year.  If it takes a while to get the requisite number of orders, you will be waiting longer for your plates.  Once 7,500 pre-paid applications are received, your information and payment (payment is deposited into a special account), will be turned over to the Department Of Motor Vehicles for processing. 

Once the 7,500 threshold is met it takes about 10-12 months until plates are manufactured and issued. The DMV will send sequential plates directly to you or notify you when your personalized plates are available for pick up. 

If 7,500 pre-paid applications are not received the first year, you will have the option to receive a full refund, or the option to allow the California State Parks License Plate promotion another year to reach the goal. You will be notified by email once they have either received 7,500 paid applications or if they do not receive 7,500 applications within the first year.


So show your support for California’s beautiful state parks.  Encourage anyone who may be interested.  I know you are busy this time of year.  But you should make time to fit this on your plate.  🙂


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